Dairy is more than our business, it's our passion.

At Grassland, we recognize our business begins with the dairy cow. The Wuethrich family has been in the dairy business for over 300 years, originating in the Swiss Alps and then immigrating to central Wisconsin. Many of Grassland’s local patron farms share a similar story: generations in the family dairy business.

Today, Grassland’s dedicated field representatives work with patron farms to improve milk quality and optimize production. In turn, this ensures the highest quality standards for milk sent from our patrons’ farms to the shipping docks of our manufacturing facility. Our field representatives also assist farm operators with animal welfare and continuous farm development.

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National Farmers Assuming Responsible Management(FARM).

Grassland is a participant of the FARM program. Grassland is committed to providing safe, quality and wholesome product.
For more information about the program, go to www.nationaldairyfarm.com

“We grew up farming. We manage our farm for healthy cows so we can be profitable and stay in business. Owning our own dairy farm and working with cows every day is a lifestyle. It’s in our blood and what we are passionate about. At the end of the day, we can feel pride in what we have accomplished. This is where we want to raise our kids, as our parents and grandparents did. Life on the farm provides opportunities every day to teach lessons to our children.”

-Jamie Haag, Grassland Patron Farmer


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National Milk Producers Federation

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